Skip Thomas’ First Christmas

Skip Thomas’ First Christmas

By Cindy &Tim Romero

Skip Thomas is now four months old and celebrating his first Christmas. He sees his folks putting up bright lights on the outside of the house and doesn’t quite know what to think. And what’s with a tree inside the house with lights and ornaments and presents? He is full of questions and wants to know WHY?

He’s about to find out when Pop sits him down to explain what Christmas is really all about. It’s not about seeing who gets the most presents or how many parties we attend. It’s a birthday. A big birthday, and he thinks the little baby Jesus and him have a lot in common.

Follow along with us for the true meaning of Christmas in SKIP THOMAS’ FIRST CHRISTMAS. We take you to Bethlehem where all the action takes place and you’ll see why Skip Thomas gets excited to hear all about Jesus.

Author Cindy Romero grew up in Millstone, New Jersey and went to Green Mountain College in Vermont before moving to Utah. She was a Fine Arts Major and finished her degrees in writing at The Institute of Children’s Literature. She has been an artist her whole life, and her passion for books and animals led her to write the true stories of SKIP THOMAS.

Illustrator Tim Romero grew up in Tooele, Utah and Taos, New Mexico. He has always been a fearless and adventurous boy with a wild imagination. He’s been blessed with an artist’s talent his whole life. His passion for creating the characters for Skip Thomas come from personal experiences with the rescue dogs he and his wife, Cindy, have taken in. Tim and his wife Cindy call Stansbury Park, Utah their home.


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