You’ve Got A Story to Tell

The Memoir Midwife provides new and aspiring writers the support they need to achieve their goals in writing and publishing their written work.

For those serious about their journey, the Accelerated Authors Plan is the perfect way for
new, aspiring, and even seasoned writers to make progress on their writing projects AND
receive customized, personalize guidance and support along the way.

Through Stacy’s private coaching you get:

  • Valuable written feedback based on her careful review your work
  • Advice on how to get through the challenging parts of your writing
  • Tips on how to overcome those creative roadblocks every writer faces
  • Accountability: Clear expectations about your next scheduled chunk of work
  • Customized strategies that teach you how to stay motivated

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Ignite Your Vision

we are a small graphic design studio that thinks big.
we embrace challenges.
we explore emotional connections.
we spark engagement.
we craft digital + print communications.

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We Manufacture Books of All Types
We Make it Easy for You to Get Started
We Assist Your Decision-Making

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